Wealth & Career

Wealth & Career

Holiday Shopping During Hard Times

Tis the season of giving.... However, not all of us have the ways and means to give gifts this holiday season. Learn some smart...

What Happened to My Equity?

Over the last few years the nationwide residential real estate market has been going through a pricing correction. What does this mean for your...

How to Fight Holiday Stress

Single Parent Wealth and Career Articles on SingleDad. Learn these quick reminders on how to manage your financial stress during the holidays.

Trickle Down Household: Financial Tips For Single Dads

Practical Financial advice for the Divorced Dad. Learn the best financial tips for 2013 from SingleDad.com One of the most challenging aspects of being a...

Single Parent Tax Tip: Deduct Health Care Costs

The 2011 Tax deadline is fast approaching and SingleDad is looking to help every Divorced Dad with Tax advice and resources. Learn how you...

Does Money Buy Happiness?

As the Beatles' song goes, money can%u2019t buy you love -- but does money buy happiness? The answer: Maybe. Recently, researchers from Princeton University...

Is Your Glass Half Empty or Half Full?

How do you measure your happiness? Is your life half full or half empty right now? Single Parent Articles on Wealth and Career from...

How To Live on the Beach and Not Go Broke

SingleDad is scouting the best places to rent a beach house for the divorced dad without going broke. Read how you can live on...

Single Parent Career: Do Not Work at Night

Learn why it is not healthy for your career or home life by working at night. Single Parent wealth and career advice on SingleDad.com

Why You Cant Ignore iPhone/iPad Security

It wasnt too long ago that Apple was a mere blip in a Windows-dominated world. At least its modest market share meant Apple products...