Could Your Teenage Jelly-Belly Cause You Problems as an Adult Single Dad?

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Learn the latest on men’s health topics and tips for Dads between the ages of 35 and up. Fitness for Dads articles focus on Men’s Health, Diet and Exercise programs that will help keep Dads in the best shape of their lives. This month, read more about how your teenage eating habits may be catching up with you as an adult….read more…

Could Your Teenage Jelly-Belly Cause You Problems as an
Adult Single Dad?

Did people call you “fatso” in school? Did your belly jiggle
when you ran around the playground? Did you enjoy one too many burgers and
orders of french fries after school? First of all, no one should have been
calling you names, but, if you were obese in school, it could come back to
haunt you later in life, even if you’ve become a lean, mean fighting single dad
in your adult years!

New research from Sweden suggests that if you were
overweight as a teenager, you are twice as likely to develop colon cancer 35
years later than those boys who were normal weight. The researchers studied the
medical records of over 200,000 men and used BMIs to draw their conclusions,
though BMI is not necessarily the best measure of obesity. As a tool to assess
obesity, BMI has some serious flaws – most running backs in the NFL would have
a BMI that is considered obese. If you’ve seen any of them without their
shirts, one thing you wouldn’t call them is fat!

Fitness for Dads

The research isn’t really too helpful, especially if you are
now an adult male. You can’t go back in time and lose the weight as a teenager.
Researchers couldn’t determine whether dropping the pounds as an adult would
reduce the risk of developing colon cancer. They also couldn’t tell whether
inflammation, which overweight people tend to have problems with, was the link
between obesity as a teenager and the higher risk of colon cancer.

Though the research shows a possible link between teenage
obesity and the development of colon cancer later in life, it is not a cause from
panic. Just because you were overweight in high school, you shouldn’t start
worrying yourself sick over colon cancer. You should also not feel as if there
is nothing you can do if you are still overweight – oh well, I was fat as a kid
and there is nothing I can do about it now.

Fitness for Dads

Whether or not you were overweight as a teenager, if you are
overweight now, you should start losing the pounds. Research definitely shows
that overweight individuals are at a greater risk for high blood pressure,
diabetes, heart problems, and a host of other serious conditions. No one may be
calling you “fatso” at work, but you heart and vital organs are screaming at
you to lose the weight!

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