How To Be a Better Dad: “Spoiled Sarah”

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How To Be a Better Dad:  “Spoiled Sarah”

How To Be a Better Dad is the Fatherhood and co-parenting section on SingleDad. Share and exchange great fatherhood advice from our members who are in all stages of fatherhood This month, learn about how to deal with having a daughter that gets spoiled all the time. ….. Read more.


Dear SingleDad,

My name is Mike, I have 3 beautiful daughters; Ages 7,14,19. My youngest daughter Sarah recently stayed the summer with her grandma (ex-wife’s mother). When she came back she wanted me to buy her everything in every store, and if I said no she would throw a huge fit. It is really getting out of hand. I come to you Singledad for advice on how to address the situation.



Dear Mike,

This happens way more than you would think. Your daughter needs to be reminded on how blessed she is to be where she is in life. I know you love her very much and would do whatever you can to get her back to the way she was before the summer! Here are many ways how you can address the situation.

Talk to her Grandma

Addressing her grandmother would be a good way to start. She could have been giving her whatever she wanted this summer and that’s usually what grandmothers do! She might not see a problem with it because it is her grandchild and she might not think she is harming anyone.  I would just have a conversation with her, no matter how you ended things with your ex-wife. After all, you both have one thing in common, you both love your Sarah!


Explain Real Life Problems

Letting your daughter know how some people live may help her realize that she is blessed to have what she has. When I told my son that some people don’t even have clean water to take showers in, (I even pulled up some photos of how some people live) he became super grateful for what he had. After I showed him all that he became more giving of things, he gave some homeless man a piece of bread because he looked “hungry”.

Sometimes at that age they have no idea that stuff actually costs money(I know shocking right!) Letting her know how much stuff costs and how quickly stuff adds up when you buy it. I bet she will be really shocked to know how much just food alone can be.


I believe it could also has to do with her age a little bit. She is 7, a lot goes on at 7. When my son was 7 he was struggling to fit in, he changed who he was to be accepted by everyone else and I told him that’s not okay to change who you are just to be like someone else. At that age they start trying to fit in, so they start asking for the latest and greatest thing like so and so has. Time will tell if your little one will hatch out of this spoiled stage. I trust that you will do whatever is best for your little Sarah! Thank you for reaching out to Singledad for some advice on how to address this topic.

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