How To Be a Better Dad: Achieving Success on Your Own

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How To Be a Better Dad is the Fatherhood and co-parenting section on SingleDad. Share and exchange great fatherhood advice from our members who are in all stages of fatherhood. This month, learn about achieving success on your own.

Single Dads –
Achieving Success on Your Own

What do you think of when you think of single dads? Those men who are raising kids alone are
often cast in a negative light; at the very least, they are not afforded much
sympathy. There are many negative examples of single dads in the media. This is
similar to how the media treats professional athletes – we often only hear
about the ones who get in trouble, though the vast majority of them are good
people who lead positive lives. Single dads are the same!

Success is a State of Mind

In many ways, success is merely a state of mind, a thought,
or perception, if you will. Yes, thinking positive thoughts does count. Yes –
looking at the glass as half full is important. Success comes from believing it
will happen, and then taking steps to ensure that it happens.

Success as a Man

Being a single dad doesn’t mean you have to give up your
dreams or live a life of poverty and despair. Many single dads are living
productive and enjoyable, yet busy lives, earning a living and taking care of
their kids. Many of these dads own their own businesses or work from home. Whether
you are an entrepreneur or an employee, life as a single dad can be filled with
achievement and success. It can also be filled with plenty of excitement and

Success as a Father

For years, we’ve been fed statistics about single parent
homes – kids from single parent homes are more likely to use drugs, a higher
percentage of them drop out of school, and more of them have failed adult
relationships than their peers from two-parent homes. Though the stats may be
real, single parenthood is becoming more common and more accepted. This social
shift will certainly influence these statistics in the future…for the positive!


Single dads can help their children become healthy adults in
the same way that couples do – by creating a sense of security, providing an
atmosphere of love, and learning to be a better parent through trial and error,
and time and effort.

Being a single dad allows you to build a strong bond with
your children, feel a sense of community by having family and friends assist
with child rearing, and offers you with the opportunity to teach your children
about shared responsibility. Being a single dad may be challenging, but it can
be one of the most rewarding "jobs" of your life.

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