How To Be a Better Dad: “Beefing Up Your Education”

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How To Be a Better Dad is the Fatherhood and co-parenting section on SingleDad. Share and exchange great fatherhood advice from our members who are in all stages of fatherhood. This month, learn about government education grants for single dads and improving your educational opportunities to ultimately benefit your family.

Beefing Up Your
Education – Government Education Grants For Single Dads

A government grant is money that is available from the
government for all United States citizens. There are grants available for many
different segments of society – single fathers, low-income families,
minorities, entrepreneurs, and students. There are grants for different
purposes – education, healthcare, business, and more. Government grants are
different than loans – they don’t have to be paid back, and the lender doesn’t
check the credit worthiness of the person receiving the grant.

In today’s challenging economy, it’s tough to get ahead.
It’s especially tough to get ahead without a college education. For parents
it’s tough to go back and finish your education and for single parents, it’s
almost impossible. With work and taking care of the kids, who has the time or
money to go back to school?


Though time is something you have to figure out on your own,
there is help when it comes to paying for college. Higher education is made
accessible for single dads through scholarships, grants, and other methods of
financial assistance.

Grants for Single Dads

Yes – dad, there are grants just for you. There are several
government agencies that offer grants for
single dads. Also, if you see grants
targeted to single mothers, don’t be shy about applying for them. Because there
are more single moms applying for these grants, they are often categorized as
grants for single mothers, but in most cases, you’ll be eligible for these
grants and may receive the money you need to finish your college education.

How to Find Government Grants

The two best ways to find these grants are to search the
Internet and to speak with the admissions or financial aid office of the school
you are interested in attending. Don’t be afraid to ask questions at the
college of your choice – the admissions and financial aid staff are there to

Many people don’t know about these grants or don’t make the
effort to apply fearing that it’s just a waste of time. The government doesn’t
advertise these grants – it is up to you to find them. Government grants are
available at both the state and federal levels. You’ll never know if you’re
eligible or not unless you apply!

Though it may be a little difficult to find these grants,
and though it does takes a small measure of effort and patience to apply, it is
worth it. You can think of it as found money. After all, you’ve been paying
taxes for years; it’s time for the government to give some of that money back
to you and help you get a college diploma.

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